Meet our Staff

Glen Corder

Glen Corder is a Principal Research Fellow at the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at the University of Queensland, and has over 30 years’ experience in the resources industries.  He was the lead researcher of the multi-year project involving several research institutions and industry partners that resulted in the development of SUSOP.  Currently Glen is the Acting Director of the SMI Environment Centres. His activities have a holistic and integrative focus on environmental impacts, social implications, technical innovations and economic factors along the metal value chain and over the life of a mining project or operation.

Philip Bangrter 

Philip Bangerter has over 30 years in the mining industry and is an experienced Mineral Processing Engineer, facilitator and Sustainability Specialist. He lead the Sustainable Development Design team at Hatch for 10 years and was that consultancy's CSRP representative and is a co-developer of the SUSOP process. Philip has been an Industry Fellow at the SMI since 2012. Now an independent consultant, Philip champions the commercialisation of the SUSOP framework for SMI and is also Australasian Manager for Whittle Consulting Pty Ltd, who have adapted SUSOP to overlay their Integrated Strategic Planning process, known as Enterprise Optimisation.